Sunday, June 20, 2010

Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze

I sat down to read this book one evening, never intending to finish it in one go - but that is exactly what I did! For three and a half hours, Vicki Hinze took me completely away into an immersive story that wouldn't let me go.

So we have the unidentified woman suffering amnesia after a carjacking. The bitter widower disenchanted at life and not at all pleased to see a lookalike of his dead wife show up. And a support cast of doctors, counsellors, lawmen and security guys, plus a whole swathe of different types of villains, from petty hired thugs to international terrorists.

It is also a fairly intense love story in among all the action, which never lets up. Just when you think there's going to be a breather, another gunman shows up, or a piece of the puzzle is revealed to discover the woman's identity. Even after she is known, there is still much to resolve. It'll take a good deal of brainpower to think through all the convoluted connections very cleverly connected in this plot.

Highly recommended if you like a lot of romance with your suspense, plus a strong faith element on the side.