Tuesday, June 29, 2010

  • 10:42 has a new letterbox at last! woohoo! #
  • 12:39 If you didn't see it late last night, here's my new website preview: splashdownbooks.com/index1.html Opinions please? #
  • 17:01 is suddenly sick of web design. But there are, um, 12 more pages to make! Aaagh! #
  • 17:47 Note to self and anyone listening...Uh...Don't listen to the same 10 songs on shuffle ALL DAY, it will make you crazy! #
  • 18:22 @jeanettemarsh Silence, a hot shower, and a night out, methinks! #
  • 18:40 Calling it a night. Six or seven web pages are done - maybe ten more to go? (I'm not counting!) All good. Laters, peeps! #
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