Wednesday, June 16, 2010

  • 10:09 Odd. I seem to have lost several thousand tweets overnight. #
  • 10:12 read my blog: Random Wednesday Poetry: coming of the nightthe evening shade slips across the gentle hillsthe higgl... #
  • 19:58 The soccer is really stuffing up twitter. Replies delayed by a day! How long is this going on for again? #
  • 22:45 OH. Just discovered the 2k job I thought due tonight is actually due tomorrow night. Oh well, it's done now. Tomorrow will fill up easily! #
  • 22:58 @ishtar_ Richtig! Danke :) Und es ist noch gar nicht so spät.. .23 Uhr, hmm...gähn...Ich glaub ich geh trotzdem schlafen. Morgen kommt bald! #
  • 22:59 @yomcat Oh dear. Doesn't sound good at all. We shall just have to resort to real life a little more... #
  • 23:03 The Lost Genre Guild News for June 16th, 2010: Bryan Davis Interview, Mike Lynch & Brandon Bar... Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit #
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