Sunday, August 1, 2010

Interview with K. Dawn Byrd

What's your genre and subgenre? Why do you think that is?
I write romantic suspense. I absolutely love suspense and write what I love. However, a little romance doesn't hurt anything!

Do you like to read the same genre as you write? What other genres interest you? Favourite authors?
I do love to read romantic suspense. I like romance also, but only if there's enough tension to make it suspenseful. James Patterson is a favorite. Also, Michelle Sutton

Tell us about your published work, and where we can go to find out more.
I have two books coming out through Desert Breeze Publishing in 2010. The first, Queen of Hearts, came out in April and was their bestseller for the month. Killing Time will release in August. I have several five star reviews for Queen of Hearts on Amazon. Here's my favorite:

"Queen of Hearts by K. Dawn Byrd kept me turning pages so quickly, I rested my finger on the page-turning button the whole time! All the characters are clearly drawn, as are the settings. The main character, Daphne, is very likable and capable, but has her foibles. She's a cub reporter during WWII, gets in over her head in a spy situation stateside, and fights her way past adversity to triumph in the end. This first novel is amazingly well done and could compete with all veteran writers of suspense for quality of plot and structure. The message of faith underlying the story gently reminds readers that faith and prayer are the guiding forces to survival in any and all circumstances. Watch out, suspense writers. K. Dawn has burst on the scene and I believe she is here to stay and to rise as a bright and talented star in the realm of Christian fiction writers!"

What are you working on right now? How's progress?
I'm working on a romance that I've rewritten several times. This one has been the hardest to write yet due to my changing the plot so many times.

Your best writing tip?
Write something every day. Even if you only have fifteen minutes. You'll be surprised at how quickly your word count will increase.

What else are you up to that our readers would find interesting?
I'm planning to attend my first conference ever. It's the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference in IN in September. I can't wait.

How do you deal with writer's block?
I deal with writer's block by getting up and moving around. If I hit a brick wall, I'll jump on my jogging trampoline or sweep the floor. It gets the creative juices flowing again.

Where do you usually write, and is the location important?
Location is not as important as sound. I must have total peace and quiet when I write. For that reason, I am unable to stay in the room while my husband is watching TV.

How have you dealt with rejection in the past?
I've not dealt with rejection much due to the fact that I submitted my early work only to contests. This is a great way to get feedback. I believe rejection to be a way to improve writing ability. Every time I received a negative comment from a judge, I'd take a hard look at my writing and take steps to improve it.

What is your opinion on the state of ebook publishing today, and where do you see it going?
I'm an ebook junkie. I read them on the go on my netbook or Blackberry. I believe the ebook market is exploding and will continue to grow.

Do you plan your stories, or just sit down and write them? Elaborate.
I'm a plotter. I plot for hours before I start to write. I fill out character worksheets too. Even though so much time goes into plotting, I still give my characters freedom to change the plot.

Your advice to aspiring authors?
Write something every day and never, never, never give up! Write for the right reason...because you love it.

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