Thursday, May 27, 2010

  • 13:04 Ha! A breakdancing panda, a singing giraffe and a crowd-surfing pig...very cleverly done #
  • 14:04 I am writing a press release and designing a book cover at the same time. Fun! #
  • 14:09 OH, btw, my cat is now happily using the litter pan on top of the toilet seat with this gadget #
  • 14:27 .@bloggeratlarge No what? Whyever not? cats are SMART, they can do it! Everyone I've told thinks its a huge joke... #
  • 14:47 @bloggeratlarge Well, no. Even a fully trained cat will not flush the loo. I have to do that for her. But it's far preferable to litter pans #
  • 16:18 Yay I wrote one press release! Now on to the next... #
  • 17:23 Looking around at the team in my mind, I'm truly humbled and amazed. Authors Fred Warren, Caprice Hokstad, Adam... #
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