Thursday, September 17, 2009

  • 14:00 Now due to have taken off on flight from Auckland to Singapore. This is going to be a long two days! #
  • 22:58 .@elpie @ksuyin @Miraz @simon_w @Wendywings Thank you all for the travelling wishes. In Singapore now and it is HOT. #
  • 22:59 Changi Airport, Singapore. Lush greenery in terminal. Nice free internet machines. 30 degrees at dusk. And we get to fly in an A380 next! #
  • 23:01 Recommend flying Singapore in September. StarTrek and all those big blockbusters are on. Watched ST movie once and some eps of TOS too. #
  • 23:02 So, um, it's the middle of the night at home... we get to wait a few hours in which we need to eat something, and then hopefully sleep a bit #
  • 00:00 I get to wait 5 hours in Singapore airport. Someone remind me why I do this to myself? #
  • 03:19 In boarding lounge about to get on the A380 to Paris. If not for first and business classes, they coulkd fit 800 people on this thing! #
  • 03:20 I'm impressed with Singapore airport's facilities - horizontal-ish beds in quiet-ish rest areas. I got three hours of sleep, which is good. #
  • 03:22 Looks like we are almost the last to get on. Good. Less time to be cramped in the sardine seat. Though I hear the A380 is roomier. #
  • 03:23 All right, I better go get on the plane. Internet is plentiful in Singapore, but will it be so in France? Watch this space. Seeya! #
  • 05:00 Soon leaving Singapore on flight to Paris. Halfway there, but the day that awaits there is full-on! #
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