Wednesday, September 23, 2009

  • 08:19 Arrived at Carcassonne, absolutely wasted, and still no internet. Got some paid work to do so will have to figure something out. #
  • 02:50 - View from the bus somewhere in central France #
  • 02:51 - Rocamadour viewed from across the valley #
  • 02:52 - Looking up at the cliff of Rocamadour #
  • 02:53 - Looking straight up from the chapel terrace at Rocamadour #
  • 02:55 @macaronique I saw the Apple store in Singapore so maybe there's Guylian too. I'll check that on the way home, but might see u before then! #
  • 02:55 @axtens you know Farsi? :) #
  • 02:56 @lifeledlearning They put up a lot of international flags on some buildings because it was the French holiday Festival du Patrimoine #
  • 03:04 Hi folks, I'm in an Irish pub in medieval Carcassonne (check my twitpics!!) this was the best choice for wifi access :) Internet at last! #
  • 03:05 It's really really hot in the south of France. I'm going to have to buy more cooler clothes (auhh what a shame haha) hey any excuse here #
  • 03:06 There is a market day tomorrow so that will be great to visit. Shopping in France is amazing, even on a shoestring. #
  • 03:06 I woke up the other day and rolled over expecting to see Rangitoto like I do at home. No such luck. But I'll be back soon enough. #
  • 03:09 - Carcassonne by night, after we arrived. We are staying in a hostel inside these walls. #
  • 03:12 More exploring to come now! - Walking the ramparts of the medieval stronghold an d see if there are more cool pics to grab. #
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