Wednesday, September 16, 2009

  • 09:25 @toxaq Thanks! #
  • 09:49 RT: @samnzed: Dan Brown Sequel generator #
  • 09:54 Oh great, I've lost a screw from my glasses - now risk losing a lens. DIY quick fix: maybe a piece of skinny wire twisted? #
  • 10:52 Clever stuff! Appropriate in places, too. RT: @Travelwriticus: Have you ever tried flag food: (via @HappyHotelier) #
  • 13:42 @samnzed It doesn't have that many options when you keep clicking. But good for a laugh. Prefer 7thSanctum myself. #
  • 14:36 YES!!! RT: @star_trek: Abrams & Orci: Star Trek Sequel To Be Modern-day Allegory #
  • 14:40 @edstetzer Ah so THAT's what it is. I get it at around 8mm and couldn't see anything much. Cool pic! #
  • 15:45 So, um, the work's all done. Still got to finish packing, tidy up, and eat that steak. Sounds doable for an evening. Let's get on it. #
  • 17:22 @wendywings Bay of Islands I think, however I am off to france tomo rrow, I hope it's warm there too! #
  • 17:25 RT: @Frederation: Story sale! "Of All Things, Seen and Unseen" to ResAliens. Thanks to R&K Fabian for inspiration. #
  • 18:08 RT: @myfriendamy: SERIOUSLY. There is no need to watch the news when their number one source is Twitter. #
  • 18:17 @amiemccarron Imperial Gardens has a phenomenal chinese buffet, you may need to call and see if they can fit you in. It's near ANZ tower. #
  • 20:44 Easiest way to make mp3s from itunes m4a format: burn audio cd then rip it. Don't know why nobody said that i n the first place! Done now. #
  • 20:49 @Wendywings must be the way I put it, the think was re bay of islands. re france yes i am and not too hot about it. All that flying, ughh!! #
  • 20:50 @yomcat oh ok so I bought them wrong then. hmm, will have to fix that before next purchase. thx! #
  • 21:05 .@yomcat @Miraz I am so not a mac person. You know what they say bout old dogs..It's not so bad to end up with a cd to play in the stereo :) #
  • 21:10 Dear tweeps and peeps, you won't see me for a bit - flying to France, followed by days on end of bus tours (argh!) - but worth it? Yep. #
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