Saturday, September 12, 2009

  • 10:31 @macaronique Why repeat anything when there are so many other hilarious possibilities? Like, I dunno, that hadron collider of yours? #
  • 10:33 What is with the people who FF me but aren't following me? That is rather weird. #
  • 10:33 So Ning is down. Grr. Right after I posted a blog there. Just watch those stats diminish... #
  • 11:58 @macaronique I guess that's why it was the first thing in my head. #
  • 12:00 @lifeledlearning well quitting carbs is doing it for me, but it's n ot a quick fix - rather a change of habits. Though I do like my cake :) #
  • 12:30 @lifeledlearning Oh I don't much care for the decorating. A banana or carrot cake is great freshbaked and nekkid. Bought ones have icing! #
  • 16:27 You know you're a geek spend Saturday afternoon designing fonts to relax from the week's work! Yeah, that's what I did... #
  • 16:44 RT: @alpinefolk: "Ka mate! Ka mate! - Ka ora! Ka ora! - Ka mate! Ka mate! - Ka ora! Ka ora!" #TWAKA #
  • 16:44 RT: @alpinefolk: "Tenei Te Tangata Puhuru huru - Nana nei tiki mai - Whakawhiti te ra" #TWAKA #
  • 16:44 RT: @alpinefolk: "A upa ne ka up ane - Upane, Kaupane - Whiti te ra" #TWAKA #
  • 18:10 @alpinefolk I'll probably keep up via tweets or maybe have the telly on in the background. Lots to do! #
  • 20:24 @lifeledlearning I'm still working on them. Am planning to invent a brainstorming font, like magnetic poetry - what do you think? #
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