Friday, June 26, 2009

  • 10:57 Agreed! RT: @rowsell: I love cafes that give you a chocolate fish with your coffee. A cheap gift appreciated by every customer. #
  • 11:20 @lifeledlearning Actually they are just dipped but inside is marshmallow! In cafés we get Spratz #
  • 12:07 Yep it's like saying "well done!" Sadly there is often no actual chocolate fish involved, but the sentiment is appreciated! #
  • 12:47 @lifeledlearning No, it's just a saying, very few people actually keep a stash of chocolate fish. Would be a great trend to start though! #
  • 13:01 @lifeledlearning Funny, when in Germany I forced my folks to send me BIG packs of choc fish. Always had some about! Here, nah, café instead! #
  • 13:09 @cbcwrites No actually it's made of marshmallow. Look it up on Wikipedia :) #
  • 13:32 Aucklanders: Have your say on Supercity before 4:30 today! Send to Great content ideas #
  • 15:02 My first tiltshift photography - an international experience! Fun effect!!! #
  • 15:33 Here's a really cool vid that also uses tiltshift effects - makes everything look like toy miniatures! #
  • 15:34 @lifeledlearning thanks for the rt! Are you still bored or something? :) #
  • 15:54 @lifeledlearning Know that feeling. I'm just too COLD to accomplish much. Winter...ack! #
  • 16:00 @lifeledlearning Oh, my basil died too - from the chill! Same as my WIP mojo, darn it. Unless I'm in the coffee shop with my chocolate fish! #
  • 16:04 WANT: Tiltshift camera lens so I can film the effect, not just apply it to static pics after! Awesome #
  • 21:55 just watched the latest Pride & Prejudice-wanted the '95 version for longerlasting immersion but this is what I have on hand. Darcy...Ahh... #
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