Wednesday, January 27, 2010

  • 14:00 Reading and implementing an excellent manual on book marketing: Aiming at Amazon by Aaron Shepard #
  • 14:03 RT: @ExaminerWriter2: WOO HOO !! Prayers answered: German homeschool family granted U.S. political asylum - #
  • 14:42 @matociquala have you tried rubbing the pill in a wee handful of dry cat food? my cat then eats the lot without a glance. #
  • 23:54 I've been scribbl'n: So I painted my car the other day...: So I painted my car the other day. There was paint left... #
  • 00:19 The Lost Genre Guild News for January 27th, 2010: Fred Warren, A.P. Fuchs: tweetmeme_source = ... Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit #
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