Friday, August 21, 2009

  • 11:24 @KleinerWalter (waves) Hi Walt! To what do I owe this honour? :P #
  • 11:26 @axtens I use all sorts of software on my XP laptop. Mainly: Word, Netscape 4.5, FF, PhotoStudio2000, GIMP, Irfan, Text editor(HTML), FTP. #
  • 11:33 This is pretty fascinating - how the Internet sees you: (via @idealogmag) Works best if you have unique name. #
  • 11:51 - Print ad for Legendary Space Pilgrims #
  • 11:51 - Print ad for Splashdown Books #
  • 13:11 @justinflitter A used car dealer! #
  • 13:25 Very keen on this DIY tiltshift lens: I've wanted one for ages! Possible in NZ? #
  • 13:47 I quit sandwiches! For real, no kidding! Find out why: #
  • 13:49 @audaciousgloop What does google gears do again? I suspect it runs google chat...which I use a lot. Hmm. You got me thinking. #
  • 13:54 @lifeledlearning @Frederation Thanks! I just threw it together actually...wondered if it's professional enough but you have reassured me! :) #
  • 13:57 @audaciousgloop hmm well I don't use those but I think it is involved in the voice and video chat functions attached to gmail. #
  • 14:02 Yay nothing more that's urgent right now so I can delve into one of my top secret pet projects Mmmmmmm! (rubs hands together) #
  • 14:25 @audaciousgloop I see. Well, FF is slow and freezy almost all the time for me. Maybe due to 2yr old XP laptop, I don't know. #
  • 15:07 Okay...this is a weird one. The Photo-Crashing Squirrel #
  • 16:51 The kids are watching Supergirl. All I can think is that the flying ought to be making a terrible mess of her hair. Or is that a superpower? #
  • 17:26 well then. I am off to a pancake party at the Mafi's, this should be fun. tweet at youse tomorrow! #
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