Wednesday, August 26, 2009

  • 09:36 @vye awesome! I hope you had fun. How long are you in town for? #
  • 10:16 RT @clairednz: All ladies will love this... The Big Clothes Shwop hits Auckland 26th September at the Langham, cool! #
  • 11:08 Pretty cool! RT@RussAdams Awesome! 100 Years of Special Effects #
  • 12:01 I say, it's positively HOT in Auckland today. Tropically damp though, too. Bare feet up on the desk to work. Yay for laptops! #
  • 12:06 @ConnieBrz Eww, fries. Don't you know what they put in that stuff! I used to love em too till I found out. You may as well eat plastic! #
  • 12:44 Gah, that lunch was awful today, same as usual but salad was like chewing a haystack & I'm getting sick of edam. Ah well, at least I'm full! #
  • 16:35 @ConnieBrz Pretty cool. But I loved the bus one too. #
  • 20:59 @axtens haha very funny #
  • 21:00 That makes about 12 hours of work today. Think that'll do. Now...Voyager, or not Voyager? I think so. Been a week at least. #
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