Friday, December 11, 2009

  • 11:30 @telstraclearnz any idea why use of landline phone would interrupt my broadband connection? been happening since yesterday. #
  • 12:31 @telstraclearnz I thought we had filters on them all but just found one that didn't! Thanks! #
  • 13:08 Someone's playing guitar out in the park. How lovely. A reminder of days far gone. I still have mine stashed away somewhere around here... #
  • 13:56 @nessliddell did you get your cookies all right? #
  • 14:12 @nessliddell oh dear, and that's only across town! well I'm sure they will show up tomorrow. #
  • 14:13 @nessliddell oh and I gave @rgoodchild hers at the tweetup. It was a direct swap! #
  • 15:12 And now there's a bouncy castle going up in the goodness there's a lot going on over there today! #
  • 16:12 @nightshowdan sounds good! do your parents know about this?? #
  • 17:44 Man, I've gotten nothing done today. Can't just blame the hot weather, surely. Need a good kick probably. #< /li>
  • 21:45 @kiwisnake Indeed, I could blame Christmas, except I decided not to do it this year. As a friend put it: Fa La La La Blah. #
  • 21:46 @lifeledlearning oooh yeah I sympathise, believe me. But they say the brain works better in the cold than in heat. I bet you're productive! #
  • 22:12 @kiwisnake I just don't have it in me to party. It's been a horrible year and a horrible month. I'd rather work to make next year better. #
  • 22:41 @were1962 bei d├╝rfte es sowas geben #
  • 22:42 @kiwisnake Thank you :) #
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