Friday, March 12, 2010

  • 11:36 @lifeledlearning You're welcome. Only credit where it's due :) And anything to make you keep writing! #
  • 11:49 @mediapeople what? such a tough job's gotta be worth more than that! Come on, this is comic sans we are talking about... #
  • 13:03 I uploaded a YouTube video -- Irish Journeys 2008 / Anointed Traveler by Eleon #
  • 16:44 That mini-motorbike buzzing around the neighbourhood is a real pain. I want to swat it. Thank goodness for headphones and good music! #
  • 17:31 @justinflitter wow that had to be so cool! dare I say... a buzz? :) #
  • 20:26 The Shat takes on the Web, huh? Looks like a great creativity concept, even if it is just a little bit sad. #
  • 05:19 The Lost Genre Guild News for March 12th, 2010: Three titles from Marcher Lord Press have lan... Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lit #
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