Tuesday, March 30, 2010

  • 10:27 @findingnewo I have Telstra in my current place, but it's not very fast. The price is good though, so maybe I'll stick with them. #
  • 10:28 @checkers no way dude! :P I like it too much where I am. & now that the new house is settled...anyway I'm happy for you and your ISP #
  • 13:36 Do we have any NZ accountants in the house today? I have a quick question... #
  • 14:21 @cameocreams thanks, I will! #
  • 14:21 @velofille thank you for th e rt! :) #
  • 14:22 @findingnewo @yomcat Thanks. I wouldn't know what to call it except plain old broadband, heheh. I have heard both good and bad about Orcon. #
  • 17:45 @Giapo Awesome! She is gorgeous!!! Congrats to all :) #
  • 18:45 @ItStartsWithUs Oh dear, that sounds serious. You ok? #
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