Thursday, February 18, 2010

  • 11:17 Ack! Just when I was going to spend a day on video editing, I get a big job in, due tonight, and it'll take all day! Ah well. More money, eh #
  • 17:27 HELP! Word crashed and I lost 2000 words of (thankfully meaningless) paid work. Backup file has no content. Any clues? PLEASE! deadline soon #
  • 18:07 @lifeledlearning I am remembering it quite fast, at least. Doesn't help that the workday would otherwise have been over now. And it's 6pm! #
  • 19:09 @myfriendamy yeah I get those occasionally. It's real weird, like it's some muso's personal mailing list and I don't know how I got on it. #
  • 20:17 .@lifeledlearning Phew, I'm done! Dinner coming right up, never fear. Thanks for cool chat today! #
  • 23:58 I uploaded a YouTube video -- Tour de France 2009 / Celestial Time Pieces by Eleon #
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